With cutting-edge technology, we provide the ideal tool for the modern trader.

We are a company focused on providing real-time alerts for traders. With advanced A.I., we have joined forces with traders from all over the world to achieve insane results. Join us now.

About us

Unofficially Established in 2020 during a time when the market was volatile and retail traders were on the brink of being taken advantage of by their brokers, the concept of PSA was born and officially started in 2021.

Although it is possible for one to argue that the retail trader is at the lower end of the totem pole and corporations, whales and such have the bigger stake in the game of control, manipulating the market as they see fit. The retail investor has an unrealized power that all traders need to tap into together.

We at Precise Stock Alerts INC; wish to be that devining power that aids traders in grasping a higher performance. Why do we do this? Because everyone should be able to profit off of the market. There are too many forces at play designed to strip retail investors of their hard earnings. The AMC, GME Robinhood scandal comes to mind. What happened? The broker profitted billions and the retail investors lost out big time. We give traders the leg up, so come elevate your game with us: Ian, Michael & Luuiz. Step up.

What we offer

Option analyst, Luuiz & Michael will be your market mentors in the options trading market. They can provide you with vital information that will help to turn your portfolio the right side up within as little as a day if you follow what they do. From time to time, there will be live options plays streaming. We encourage all members to join.

Stock analyst, Ian, can help you navigate the market too. He also trades live trading everyday through livestream. Although the approach maybe slightly different, the end game is much the same, grasp the profits when they occur during the day. Using the EMA strategy and the PreciseBot alerts, the process can help any trader boost their performance.

In the end, we are a team. A calloborative effort creates an opportunity the makes it more likely that success can be grappled because teamwork makes the dreamwork. Join a class session today.

“Together we move the market!”


Our mission

To provide retail investors with tools they need to be successful.


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Trading is the process of buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, currencies, and derivatives in order to make a profit.

Taking that process and turning it into a workable strategy that akaianq50 has created has helped many find success where others have failed. With that being said, I've been here over a year. If you need advice on strategies or other trading related information, you will not be disappointed. PSA has helped me grow into a better trader.


PSA Member

Trading is more easier now.

All I can say is this server truly makes trading shares and options easier for me.


PSA member

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